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Iain M Banks on Tor and the Culture

I-M-Banks-Consider-PhlebasThe Tor site from Macmillan is full of interesting articles (for geeks). They have a lot on Iain M Banks, currently a new series on The Culture, his socialist (ish) future civilization.
Here’s a link to an article on Consider Phlebas >

I first read his SF when I found a copy of Use of Weapons in a newsagent remaindered books bin. A good one to start with. I also discovered Adam Roberts in a remainder bookshop, with Land of the Headless.

Never know what you might find!

SF films by auteurs

Valerian aliens
Valerian aliens

What do these films have in common?

Valerian and City of a Thousand Planets, Sucker Punch, Jupiter Ascending, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Chappie.

“I’m glad these crazy, audacious, personal projects exist because they make the often boring and predictable world of popcorn entertainment crazier and more interesting.

Yet I also very much intend to never see any of these movies ever again. Sober, at least.”

Visit to find out why SF Movie Flops are so great >

Botz Robots

I have started a new novel that has a Botz robot brand, so I started some websites to promote the general idea. There is a site for news, and a site for apps and games.

Once the book is finished I’ll update with images from the book, downloads of extracts etc.

Everyone who has subscribed will get a free peek before official release, I’ll do a mail out about that in the next weeks.

Check out the Botz Robots website for apps, games etc now >

Botz app

We have added a Botz version of our app. This has a file for robots information and is available here also. If you have the app already, just download the file below.
Use your current email or a new one. Free.
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If you don’t have the app yet, go to Botz Tech website

Size matters in SF – Science Fiction books

Hamilton Abyss Beyond Dreams
Hamilton Abyss Beyond Dreams
I am just reading the new Hamilton Void book, Abyss Beyond Dreams, the Void trilogy fourth volume. These new SF books are so colossal even trilogies expand. The actual books are huge (in size and scope). I can’t take it on holiday, or put in pocket of bag for travel.
I also have loads of the old ‘pulp’ SF books, which are all of a much smaller size, typically 100 pages on thin paper, in a small format. These are very portable and I sometimes take one to read on the tube. They all have lurid images in bright colours so some things don’t change!

Classic SF 50s
Classic SF 50s

Check this out:
See some classic Science fiction covers here on Barnes and Noble >

50s SF covers and stories

New SF submissions open June 2016

Iain M Banks SF Use of Weapons
Iain M Banks SF Use of Weapons
Brain Mill Press present Ab Terra International SF.

Brain Mill Press are open for new SF manuscript submissions. These are be any novel length (40,000 words or more) story. This is organised by the Malaysian Chinese writer Yen Ooi. Closing date is 1st December 2016 (please check on application).

For full details see:

Brain Mill Press SF open submissions >