Reviews & Testimonials

These are reviews for the previous version which has just been made FREE as Notes Story Board:

“Notes Story Board = Masterwork”

“The [how to write] ebooks are very interesting to me”

“Thank you again!”

“Unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness.”

“Every writer should know about Notes Story Board v2.2 [was Story Turbo].”

“By far, the best piece of writing software.”

“Anyone evaluating or considering software for any kind of writing, whether it be fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, stageplays, poetry, essays, etc.; before you consider shelling out anything for bells-and-whistles, consider Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo].

It doesn’t restrict you as to usage. It is as wide open as your imagination and is the perfect tool for brainstorming. I’m currently using it to map out the beats for a screenplay rewrite!

Once you get used to its layout, it’s very easy to use and manipulate to suit your needs and writing style, and the benefits you get from it are direct and immediate. You don’t have to go searching through all sorts of fancy designs to figure out what you wrote because it’s right there in front of you.
Flexibility, for a writer, is as golden as a rich imagination!

Mark Keller August 2013

“Yes, congratulations Geoff! Your software really comes in handy for keeping track of the storyline. Continued good luck!”

Leigh Allan June 2014 (on LinkedIn)

Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo] is a unique idea in writing. I’m looking forward to exploring my possibilities.

And thanks for the add to the writing courses site“.

Mike McLaren June 2014

Unsolicited feedback during 2013/2014. These really are appreciated, it keeps me going with this project! Geoff

“Hey there! I’m a professional screenwriter that’s been using Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve looked everywhere for a simple cork-board program and finally found it with Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. I’m sending a copy to my partner Director Tibor Takacs with whom I wrote Spiders 3D for Millennium Films. We’re working on another script together and sharing a cork board is a great help. Thank you again!”

Joseph Farruggia, March 2014

“Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo] is cute and swift and very spacious; in fact, it is more a work table for graphic designers than an app in a workstation; and I cannot thank you enough for the gift of it.
Good work.
May the goddess Latona, the protector of inventors, watch over you.

“Half the admiration I have for people like you is for your digital skills, while the other half is for your philanthropy. Anyway, if you enrich society with something, a sonnet, a song, an app, then society has an obligation of gratitude towards you.”

Andrea, March 2014

“Thank you for this app. I think I might really benefit from it!”
MYS, March 2014

“…thanks for an awesome program!”
Dustin Paddock, 2013

5 star Reviews for Story Software
Famous author Lynn Viehl – “Highly recommended! What I really liked was how easy and logical Story Lite is to use from the first time you give it a go. I highly recommend giving this a try.”

“I like your templates, advice and tips you give too. I’ve just told a friend and given her your link. A great program.” Leigh Allen May 2012

“Writing is hard but this makes it fun,” Ivy Ngeow, Middlesex University International Fiction prize winner, April 2012

By email:
“…thanks for an awesome program!

I’ve been working out some details of a rewrite for a screenplay and the software is proving to be unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness!
Dustin Paddock July 2013

Fabulous, just fabulous! I can’t recall when I’ve found a piece of software this good!

And believe me, I’ve used a LOT of ’em!

This has got to be, by far, the best piece of writing software because it dispenses with all the bs of the bells-on-whistles overblown stuff and lets you get down to the business of writing!”

Mark Keller 18 August 2013

“Boy does it ever do a FANTASTIC JOB! LOVE THIS THING! Mapping out part of a screenplay for a rewrite! COOL BEANS! I have a feeling I’m going to become a serious student of this software!
Thanks, Geoff!

Mark Keller 19 August 2013

Feedback from our August 2013 survey… comments are from REAL people
giving feedback in the survey. The full results with charts etc. will be posted soon.
Geoff Davis August 2013

“Happy, happy!”

“I didn’t even expect anything as good as Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. It delivers all I want and more. And gets better with each upgrade. Every writer should know about Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. And not only is the software great but the support is excellent. I’ve always gotten help from Geoff, plus some very useful tips to help me with my writing. It’s excellent stuff.

This is a great organisation tool for writers. I’m sure there are countless ways to use Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. You can storyboard ideas, and keep them laid out in front of you – with images as references.

It just gets better with each new version. I found Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo] because I was hunting online for a piece of software that could organise my disorganised writing.”

“Love it.”

“This is truly a unique software and system! …Believe me, this is the kind of software that gets my creative juices working on overtime!”

“This is a great tool, make it better and better please (not bigger… like some stupid software).”

“I love Notes Story Board [was Story Turbo]. It’s a great tool that helps me with planning out stories.”

“Cool software. Just needs a marketing type person to go over site and packaging.”
[Yes coming soon!]


“It’s really useful to me to have both text and images. Helps build a solid story structure.
Helps me organise my thoughts and stories and that is hugely useful and important.”

“I can put text box anywhere, that is great for brainstorming.”

“I have developed an outline for each story and when I get an idea for a new element I add another box.”

“What I like is:

The storyboarding.”

“Freeform pinboard …” from a small indie developer.

“Boxes, I love writing and being able to reorganize and add things”

“Ease of use”

I use it for:

“Outlining script for making YouTube type videos”

“When writing reviews I’m able to put my thoughts down until I’m ready to put the pieces together.”

“When I have a large project with many facets, it helps to type the sections in separate boxes that I can move around. Perhaps writing computer code could be facilitated with this.”

“I use it for plotting a story I’m writing.”

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