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Botz Robots

I have started a new novel that has a Botz robot brand, so I started some websites to promote the general idea. There is a site for news, and a site for apps and games.

Once the book is finished I’ll update with images from the book, downloads of extracts etc.

Everyone who has subscribed will get a free peek before official release, I’ll do a mail out about that in the next weeks.

Check out the Botz Robots website for apps, games etc now >

Poetry competition win prizes 2017

dada text art
dada text art
Hi all, Notes Story Board can be used for poetry, as you can rearrange the lines (one line per box, or even one word, or letter) to suit your whims.

You can also add images and create text art rather than poems.

Fish Publishing are having a competition, with the best 10 poems published, the first prize is €1,000, second prize is a week in residence at Anam Cara Writers’ Retreat.

The judge is Jo Shapcott. The top ten poems will be in the 2017 Fish Anthology.

For more details see Fish Poetry Competition 2017 >

For our writing advice and course visit Top Writing Courses now >

Short flash fiction with new app Tap

Tap app Wattpad
Tap app Wattpad
I developed Notes Story Board (originally Story Lite, Turbo) as a tool for my own story boarding. One idea I had was to put stories into the app, along with images, extra information etc, to expand a normal story into an epistolary fiction. Or multimedia, illustrated, graphic novel.
I tried some experiments but it is like making a large poster on the zooming canvas, so is not too practical a way to read.
Perhaps it would work better with flash or short fiction, keeping a strong narrative flow.

Tap app from Wattpad
Tap app from Wattpad
Wattpad have created an app for Apple and Android called Tap that allows each line of a story to be ‘tapped’ onto the screen of your phone or tablet.

This is quite interesting! See the screenshots.
Of course, it depends on the quality of the content.

If any of you out there have any story uses for Notes Story Board, please let me know!

Check Wattpad Tap out here >