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New contact info

For contact please use geoffdavis5 AT gmail DOT com

We get so much spam this is a better way. Assuming you are legit, don’t send links at first as it might get blocked by gmail filters.

New Micro Arts exhibitions

Geoff Davis, founder Story Software, also founded Micro Arts Group for computer and digital art. They’ve had two exhibitions recently, 2021 LRB Depot Leicester, 2022 British Computer Society, Moorgate, London.

Visit Micro Arts Group and Micro Arts NFTs

This is for his writing and AI text research he is now doing at UAL London.

There is also a website for his computer art setup Micro Arts. This also has story generation software and all sorts of generated art etc.

Micro Arts Group

Heart of Glass – Ivy Ngeow – NSB Writer has a novel out

Ivy Ngeow has written some of the How to Write material we use on here and the Top Writing Courses site. She won the Proverse (Hong Kong) international prize for her first novel Cry of the Flying Rhino, and her new novel Heart of Glass is out in a week! Very exciting. See her video trailer for this book here:

Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow novel trailer
Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow novel trailer

Video Trailer for Heart of Glass by Ivy Ngeow (Unbound 2018)

Botz Robots

I have started a new novel that has a Botz robot brand, so I started some websites to promote the general idea. There is a Botz.tech site for news, and a Botzrobots.com site for apps and games.

Once the book is finished I’ll update with images from the book, downloads of extracts etc.

Everyone who has subscribed will get a free peek before official release, I’ll do a mail out about that in the next weeks.

Check out the Botz Robots website for apps, games etc now >

Top 10 Flash Fiction competitions 2016

10 Flash Fiction Competitions

Flash fiction can be about anything even bollards
Flash fiction can be about anything even bollards

Did you know National Flash-Fiction Day is 25th June 2016? Get writing!
I wrote my first Flash Fiction in my head while in the dentist’s chair, and wrote it up on my phone the next day. With the costs of dentists and phones, I suppose that is the expensive way to do it.

These are the competitions coming up in the Spring. I will do more later in the year. Some are for ‘chap-books’ which are not for chaps only, and the lengths vary from 100 to 500 words. So check out what suits for you.

There are lots, which is great news for writers. They even have cash prizes!

Chronological order

The Fiction Desk Ghost Story Competition 2016

Go to Fiction Desk Ghost Competition >

This is not quite flash fiction but 1000 words is pretty short.
1,000 to 7,000 words

Entry by 31st March, 2016.

Ghost concept is flexible, not gore etc.

Flash 500 (UK)

Go to Flash 500 >

500 words.
4 entries per year – 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December.
Winners notified by email within six weeks of closing dates.

This is ‘open-themed’ but winners last year were crime, crash disaster, child abuse – so Crime related.
This is not the usual ‘conflict’ (seen as too long-winded) but ‘after effects’ I suppose. I think 500 words is huge, why focus only on ‘magic moments’?

Newfoundland Prize (US)

Deadline: 15 April 2016 – EXTENDED, 15 March 2016

The Newfoundland Prose Prize for a chapbook-length (chapter-sized only) work of fiction or creative non-fiction.
Long story or essay, collection of short pieces to 60 pages maximum. 15 pages is lowest allowed.

Some aspect of the work must “inform or explore how place shapes identity, imagination, and understanding”.

Go to Newfoundland prize >

National Flash-Fiction Day Competition- 2016 Micro-Fiction Competition
Closing Date: 22nd April, 2016

Go to Flash Fiction Day competition >

This year’s theme: ‘Anything’.
To enter, get writing and submit your 100 word flash-fictions on any subject and send them to us using the links below.

Entrants may enter up to 3 flash fictions in each competition.

Writers Bureau Flash Fiction Competition
This is now accepting entries.
500 words.
Closing Date: 30th April 2016

Go to Writers Bureau >

Bridport (USA)

Enter by Tue 31st May 2016.

Go to Bridport flash fiction >

Bath Flash Fiction

Entry by June 12th 2016

The winner is announced shortly after the competition closes.

Go to Bath Flash Fiction >

It is not essential to write about sanitary ware.

For women, including trans, two-spirited, and genderqueer people.

Go to Room writing competition >

For fiction and creative non-fiction, one submission includes one short story or essay of up to 3,500 words.

The judges are Marilyn Dumont (poetry) and Doretta Lau (fiction).

2016 Fiction and Poetry Contests will open April 15, 2016.

Writers & Artists

Had a competition 2015, maybe they’ll do another in 2016. Interesting site.

Go to Writers & Artists competition results >


Fish Publishing

Ended March 2016. Results 1st April  2016

Just passed – check for next one. I entered a story for this, I mentioned it in my last blog. Pass, Fail, who knows… I’ll post in April 8)

Go to Fish Publishing >