British writer Hanif Kureshi on creative writing corses

Hanif Kureishi creative writer
Hanif Kureishi creative writer
There is a good interview in The Irish Examiner with the great and celebrated writer Hanif Kureishi (link at bottom).

He discusses the value of writing courses, which is not always immediately apparent. He compares fiction with rock and roll this might be wishful thinking as he always liked that side of culture. Kuresihi wrote The Buddha of Suburbia which was later filmed for TV with David Bowie providing the music. He also weighs into the Brexit debate. People forget that large-scale immigration did not start with the EU. Britain is a reasonably peaceful place, which largely ignores new groups and lets them get on with it. Whether that changes now is to be seen.

Read the interview with Hanif Kureishi here >

Photo credit from online Irish Examiner, reduced.