12 year anniversary! Free Notes Story Board app 2010-2022

The first and best 5 star story board text & images zooming notes app

By far, the best piece of writing software.”
“Unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness.”
“Every writer should know about Story Software.”

“Notes Story Board app = Masterwork
…and the free ebooks are very interesting to me.
Thank you again!”
Miklos N. 2019

Windows download. Apple Mac version (Story Turbo) is at bottom of page. Story Lite (text only) is also available, use this link. The zooming interface or ZUI was designed by Geoff Davis as post-graduate research into interfaces for non-linear narrative at Middlesex University (Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Cat Hill) in 2003.

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Notes Story Board features

  • Unlimited canvas size
  • Add text boxes and images
  • Format text fonts, size, colours etc.
  • Images, resize, rotate, control z level for overlays
  • Export in many formats including image and html web page
  • Secure – your work is never in the cloud or on the internet

Story Software facebook link
Story Software facebook link

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Apple Mac version is Story Turbo (see installer for notes)

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