About us

This is a new site from Geoff Davis and Story Software. The idea is to combine our super popular creativity app and all our inspiring and practical ‘how to write’ ebooks into one bundle.

Previous versions of the app are Story Lite and Story Turbo. These also have large websites.


Geoff Davis of Story Software
Geoff Davis of Story Software
Story Software was devised and developed by Geoff Davis based on his Masters research into interfaces at Middlesex University, England.

Our tutors

Karena Andrusyshyn M.Ed – decades of creative writing teaching experience, published author. Wrote our Fiction guide.
Sath Cruz MA – film and movie script writer and producer with 7 successful films out (mostly Zombie films!). Lecturer and advertising executive. Wrote our Script writing guide.
Ivy Ngeow MA – international award winning published writer, also broadcast on BBC, published in UK, Malaysia, Singapore. Masters degree in Creative Writing from Middlesex University UK. Occasional writer for Story Software.
Maria Z – our journalist who writes articles for the site.
Geoff Davis MA – director of this site and all Story Software projects. Fiction published in UK and USA (by PEN International, and others), also music and multimedia projects, has been a University and Art College lecturer. Software designer and programmer. Writes everything else, including the genre guides etc.

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Members: If you have an old copy of Story Turbo, please let me know and will send you an update. If you only want to get the ebooks bundle, just choose a price you can afford. Thanks,
Geoff Davis